A Woman Is Raped In India Every 20 Minutes.

That's 72 Lives Ruined A Day.

This statistic is getting worse every day. Our country's attitude and laws will not change overnight, but YOU CAN! By carrying a WAR kit, you gain the power to protect yourself should you need to.

Payment and Delivery Policy


  1. 1. How do I pay for a www.waragainstrape.com purchase?
    There are zero hidden charges when you make a purchase on WarAgainstRape. The prices listed for all the items are final and all-inclusive. The price you see on the product page is exactly what you pay for the product.
    You may use Credit cards/Debit cards and Internet Banking to make your purchase.
  2. Are there any hidden charges on www.waragainstrape.com?
    There are zero hidden charges when you make a purchase on WarAgainstRape. The prices listed for all the items are final and all-inclusive. The price you see on the product page is exactly what you pay for the product.
    You will be charged Rs 35 for delivery of your order.
  3. How do I pay using credit/debit cards?

    Credit cards

    We accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.
    To pay using your credit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date, three-digit CVV number (found on the backside of your card). After entering these details, you will be redirected to the bank's page for entering the online 3D Secure password.

    Debit cards

    We accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit cards. To pay using your debit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date (optional for Maestro cards), three-digit CVV number (optional for Maestro cards). You will then be redirected to your bank's secure page for entering your online password (issued by your bank) to complete the payment.
  4. I tried placing my order using my credit/debit card/net banking but the order was not successful. What happens to the money deducted from the card?
    Please check your bank/credit card account to first ensure if your account has been debited. If your account has been debited after a payment failure, it is normally rolled back by banks within 7 business days. The time taken can vary from bank to bank and we unfortunately won't be able to expedite this. Please check with your bank for more details. If your bank informs you otherwise please get back to us. If the money has been credited to our account we would initiate refund within 3 days of your request. Receipt of the refund would however depend on the mode of payment mode chosen by you. The expected timelines are as below: Net Banking 2-4 business days
    Debit Card 5-7 business days
    Credit Card 7-21 business days
  5. 1. What should I do if my payment fails?
    In case of a payment failure, please retry ensuring: Information passed on to payment gateway is accurate i.e. account details, billing address, password (for net banking) Your Internet connection is not disrupted in the process. If your account has been debited after a payment failure, it is normally rolled back to your bank account within 7 business days. You can email us on Support@WarAgainstRape.com or please give us a call with your order number for any clarification.,/li>


  1. How are orders shipped?
    We ship through courier partners such as Bluedart and FedEx. For a few remote locations where there is no courier service available, we use India Post to deliver your orders.
  2. Do you ship to international locations?
    We currently ship only within India and do not ship to any international location.
  3. How much time does it take for an order to be delivered?
    We deliver your order within 3-4 working days post-dispatch in A-1 and A-2 Metros (New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad). For the rest of the cities, we deliver between 3-6 business days. Delivery by ground takes a little longer than air couriers. Ground-shipped orders are delivered to you between 6-7 business days post-dispatch. Deliveries to very remote locations such as North East may take up to 8 business days or longer, depending on the location's geographical constraints.
  4. How long do you take to dispatch an order?
    We strive to dispatch your order as soon as possible and in almost all cases that’s within 2 business days. At all steps of your order processing, we are in constant touch with you over email and phone to keep you updated.
  5. What are shipping charges on www.waragainstrape.com? A minimal shipping charge of Rs 35 is applicable on all orders.
    Note: Certain additional procedures like state-wise taxes may apply to your order depending upon your order size and the state/region the order is being delivered to, in these cases there maybe additional charges.

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Thank You

Thank you. You are very wise and we like you. Dude sends his regards and licks.

Your order will be shipped to you shortly, and should hit your doorstep in 7 – 10 working days.

Don’t forget, we are trying to create a movement to make India’s rape reputation a thing of the past. Please spread the word to all your friends, and don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook to hear all the latest WAR news.

Thanks again!

Team WAR

Don’t need a WAR kit yourself but want to donate? Someone out there will be very grateful!

When you think about it, it’s only the cost of a trip to Starbucks for a coffee and a muffin. If you don’t hail from Indian soil, Rs550 equates to just under $9USD, or £5.50GBP (at time of writing). So you’ll be (potentially) saving a life while you save your waistline. Win-win!

To see the impact of your donation, please follow us on Facebook where we will be uploading videos of the WAR recipients.

Donate WAR Kit

Rs 550

  • 1 Personal Alarm
  • 1 Bodyguard Pepper Spray
  • And lots of love

Donate WAR Kit

Rs 850

  • 1 Personal Alarm
  • 1 Cobra Pepper Spray
  • And lots of love


The page you are looking for appears to have been moved, deleted or does not exist. However, please feel free to look for information on the page below or shoot an email to our support at Support@WarAgainstRape.com


Rs 550

  • 1 Personal Alarm
  • 1 Bodyguard Pepper Spray
  • And lots of love


Rs 850

  • 1 Personal Alarm
  • 1 Cobra Pepper Spray
  • And lots of love

WAR Kit Karma Cousin

Rs 1250

  • 1 Personal Alarm
  • 1 Cobra Pepper Spray
  • +1 Cobra Pepper Spray for Donation

So, what does WAR stand for?

We thought you’d never ask. WAR stands for
War Against Rape.

We feel that India is in the midst of a war, and that the only way to defeat our enemies (i.e. predators) is to arm our soldiers (i.e. YOU) with the correct equipment. Hence: the WAR kit.

Reasons to carry a WAR kit: Because you can, and why wouldn’t you?

Need more reasons? … Because you should. Because it's better to be safe than sorry. Because you're worth it. Because you're amazing. Because you're beautiful. Because you're WARsome … (couldn't resist, sorry)

Join our Army, so together we can win the WAR .

Before we get into our stride and really waffle on, consider the following:

What are you doing to protect yourself from sexual assaults?


a) nothing
b) nothing
c) carrying a WAR kit

If you are not taking actions to protect yourself (such as carrying a WAR kit), you are effectively doing nothing. If you do nothing… guess what? That’s right Missy! You are one hell of an easy target.

You think you’re being careful? Sure, you do all the standard things such as avoiding walking alone and taking autos at night. But be honest – are there times when you feel just a liiitttle relieved to have got through the front door safely? When the hair on the back of your neck prickled slightly when you realized how vulnerable you were… Thought so.

How much is your safety worth?

A WAR kit only costs Rs 550. What would you rather spend your money on?

a) ANOTHER coffee date with Priyanka
b) Your Safety

We reckon you can catch up with Priyanka next week.

Ok, we know we keep harping on about this bloody WAR kit. What actually is it?

Here’s a breakdown:

Personal Rape Alarm

This is a small device that you can attach to your keys so you always carry it with you. It has a pin at the top - when pulled like a grenade it releases a deafening siren similar to a car alarm. It is enough to draw attention to the fact that you are in trouble, and hopefully will be enough to scare your attacker off.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray comes in a small spray-can like a deodorant, and is small enough to easily fit in your handbag. When sprayed, it releases an extract of very strong chilli. If you get this in your attackers eyes it will temporarily blind them and continue to burn their eyes for about 30-45 minutes. It will also sting their skin. This is very effective to allow yourself to get away but will cause no permanent damage. If you are surrounded by half a dozen men or so, it should allow you to take all of them down.

There’s no need for ninja-quick reflexes or Schwarzenegger muscles to use either of these, all you need is to think ahead and be vigilant.

Your safety is quite literally in your hands - take charge and join the movement. It’s time you help start a War Against Rape.



Take action and protect yourself! If you’re a lady, do it because you’re worth it (*cue hair swish). If you’re a bro, buy one foryour sister, mother, partner, lover, cousin, niece, sister from another mister, and every other girl you care about (which, by the way, should be every girl you know.) Just talking about it won't make a difference - you have to act now!


Rs 550

  • 1 Personal Alarm
  • 1 Bodyguard Pepper Spray
  • And lots of love


Rs 850

  • 1 Personal Alarm
  • 1 Cobra Pepper Spray
  • And lots of love

WAR Kit Karma Cousin

Rs 1250

  • 1 Personal Alarm
  • 1 Cobra Pepper Spray
  • +1 Cobra Pepper Spray for Donation


Fancy yourself as James Bond? Do you want to save the day and woo the girl? Well… we can’t guarantee you’ll get the girl, but you might just save one by donating a WAR kit to a lady who can’t afford to buy one herself. Be the perfect gentlemen and pick up the tab.

Girls! You, YES YOU. The one reading this. You are better than Bond. You are all three Charlies Angel’s rolled into one super-duper action star. Do your karma a favour and look out for your less fortunate sisters. Donate now!
Donate a War Kit

About Us

So, who are we?

We’re just a couple of regular guys. We drink too much coffee, work like gangbusters in the office then party too hard when Saturday night rolls around. We’re also not too macho to admit we love our families more than anything, and quail in terror at the idea of anything bad happening to them.

We have a faithful Labrador called Dude as our sidekick. Sometimes we like to dress him up in a Batman cape. Just for fun. Is that normal?

Speaking of Batman, when you were a kid did you ever dream of growing up to be a superhero and saving the World? Well, we never quite got over this fantasy. Deluded? Perhaps. But we like to think we’re the perfect mix of deluded and enlightened.

Maybe we don’t believe we can save the world per se, but we do think we can make a difference. One small shift can change everything. We may be small, but we do think we’re on to something.

about_imageYou know that expression “aim for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars?” Well, whoever came up with that is an idiot, and knows nothing about astronomy. The stars are about 393 times further away from us than the mo…. y’know what never mind. It’s the sentiment that counts. The point is, we dream of changing the World, but if that mission fails… we’ll happily settle for India.

We want our country to be known for its rich culture, history and diversity, not for its levels of sexual violence. We truly believe that if we can get all women in India to carry a WAR kit, we can push this pandemic into the history books, and snap them shut forever.

You’ve gotta dream big to win big.

Contact Us

Are you a bored teenager looking for someone to prank call? Look no further!

Just please don't make farting noises down the phone, it's gross ok. Not a bored teenager? Want to thank us, sing us a song, or ask us a question? Or perhaps you're lonely and just fancy a chat, or have written an epic 500 page poem about WAR kits. Maybe you are an animal rights activist and you're concerned about us dressing Dude up in various capes (he loves it, promise).

Whatever it is - we are here for you. Don't be a stranger.

Mobile: +91 - 98719 44311 (Abhijit)
Mobile: +91 - 900100 6699 (Himanshu)
E-mail: WarAgainstRape2014@Gmail(dot)com

Drop us a line using
contact form below

Stay in touch with us. Don't spam.

Returns and Refund Policy

  1. What is the general return policy at www.waragainstrape.com?
    You can return all items within 15 days of receipt of goods.
    If you are not satisfied with what you have bought, we’ll gladly take it back within 15 days from the date of delivery. Your payment made by card will be reversed for the price of the item(s).
    Please ensure however that the product is unused and the tags, boxes and other packaging is intact.
  2. What should I do if I receive a defective item?
    If an item is found defective, please get in touch with our customer care on Support@WarAgainstRape.com or call us on 98719 44311 or 900100 6699 within 15 days of receipt of the product. We will arrange a reverse pickup for the product and then issue a replacement item in exchange, as per your request. Please note that replacements are subject to availability of the particular product.
  3. I need to return an item, how do I arrange for a pick-up?
    You can Contact Us to initiate a return. You will receive a call explaining the process, once you have initiated a return. Wherever possible we will facilitate the pick-up of the item through Waragainstrape.com. Reach or through our courier partners like FEDEX, bluedart etc. In case, the pick-up cannot be arranged by us, you can return the item through a third-party courier service and we will return the courier costs.
  4. What are the modes of refund available after cancellation?
    Since we are accepting only card payments at this point, the mode available is:
    Back to Source - In this case, the money will be refunded back to the payment mode/account that was originally used to make the transaction.
    Once you have requested the cancellation of item(s) in your order, Waragainstrape.com will complete the cancellation and initiate the refund, depending on your preference.

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  1. What exactly is Pepper Spray?
    Pepper spray is an easy-to-use spray can like any normal deodorant. It contains Capsaicin which is an extract of Red Chili, however it is roughly 20 times stronger than the normal chili powder you have in your kitchen. Contact with the skin is very painful so it’s definitely not to be confused with your daily anti-perspirant …

  2. What happens when I use it?
    The chili penetrates the skins pores and creates a strong burning sensation. If you get it into your attackers eyes even better – the eyes will sting so much they will be temporarily blinded. The effect is immediate, so the second you spray your attacker they will be in pain.

  3. How long does this pain last?
    The severe burning sensation lasts roughly 30-45 minutes, however it takes 2-3 hours for the effects to wear off completely.

  4. Are there any permanent effects?
    No. Once 2-3 hours have passed so will the stinging.

  5. Is this a weapon? If so, do I need a License?
    Under ‘The Arms Act’ (1959), this is indeed classified as a weapon, however in India it is perfectly legal to use in self defense. A license is required only for Fire Arms (those containing explosive ingredients such as gun powder), which Pepper Spray does not.

  6. How do I use it?
    If you use deodorant then you already have all the required skills needed. The spray has been designed for use in an ‘attack’ situation, so it’s very simple. Simply draw it from your handbag (better yet whenever you are out alone keep it in your hand instead of your phone) and SPRAY! Put your arm out straight, hold the nozzle down firmly, and direct it towards your attackers face. If you can get the eyes – bullseye.

    If you don’t use deodorant, then we need to have a little chat about your hygiene. You probably smell but your friends are too polite to tell you. Just kidding. Actually no we’re not…

  7. How long do I need to spray for?
    Usually a half second-long burst is enough, however if your attacker has been drinking or taking drugs then their pain resistance is higher, so hold the nozzle down until you see they are in pain.

  8. How long does one can last?
    According to the manufacturers, if sprayed continuously it will last about 15 seconds. But as mentioned above, usually only a half- second spray is needed.

  9. What is the range?
    Cobra spray can reach your attacker from up to 8 ft away. Bodyguard sprays is 7 ft.

  10. What if I accidentally spray it on myself?
    Panic! Only joking. Do NOT panic. Remember the effects are not permanent and the stinging will calm down soon. The best thing to do is keep washing yourself with soap and water to get the chili off your skin. Unfortunately water alone won’t help.

    Avoid touching or rubbing the area as it can easily spread to other parts of the body. If you get the spray in your eyes, blink to get the eyes to tear up, hopefully washing some out.

  11. If I run out of chili while I’m cooking dinner can I use pepper spray?
    NO. In the name of all that is holy please don’t. We would rather not be held responsible for your culinary experiments. Thank you very much.

  12. What is a rape alarm?
    A rape alarm is a small device with a cord at the top, when the cord is pulled a loud siren ranging between 120 - 130 Decibels rings out. The noise should be enough to shock and disorientate your attacker – giving you a few extra seconds to run. It will also draw attention to people near-by that you are in trouble.

  13. How do I set it off?
    A sharp tug of the cord sets of the alarm. The alarm is easy to trigger – but not too easy…the last thing we need is thousands of girls setting them off accidently while they grope around in the bottom of their handbags trying to find it!

  14. How should I use it?
    The alarm comes with a key-ring attachment, so we suggest attaching it to your keys so you never leave home without it. Get into the habit of keeping your keys in an easy-to-find place in your handbag, like a pocket.

  15. …so if I am attacked?
    Action plan! We feel the best method to adopt if attacked is to pepper the attacker first (we advise ALWAYS walking with the spray in your hand if you are walking alone at night), then as you run off grab the keys and trigger the alarm. With the double whammy of a stinging face and a deafening siren, your attacker is unlikely to stumble after you.

    If you do not have the spray handy, you will most likely be able to grab at your keys first, so raise the alarm (hopefully startling them and allowing you to run off). If they make chase, be ready with the spray.