About Us

So, who are we?

We’re just a couple of regular guys. We drink too much coffee, work like gangbusters in the office then party too hard when Saturday night rolls around. We’re also not too macho to admit we love our families more than anything, and quail in terror at the idea of anything bad happening to them.

We have a faithful Labrador called Dude as our sidekick. Sometimes we like to dress him up in a Batman cape. Just for fun. Is that normal?

Speaking of Batman, when you were a kid did you ever dream of growing up to be a superhero and saving the World? Well, we never quite got over this fantasy. Deluded? Perhaps. But we like to think we’re the perfect mix of deluded and enlightened.

Maybe we don’t believe we can save the world per se, but we do think we can make a difference. One small shift can change everything. We may be small, but we do think we’re on to something.

about_imageYou know that expression “aim for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars?” Well, whoever came up with that is an idiot, and knows nothing about astronomy. The stars are about 393 times further away from us than the mo…. y’know what never mind. It’s the sentiment that counts. The point is, we dream of changing the World, but if that mission fails… we’ll happily settle for India.

We want our country to be known for its rich culture, history and diversity, not for its levels of sexual violence. We truly believe that if we can get all women in India to carry a WAR kit, we can push this pandemic into the history books, and snap them shut forever.

You’ve gotta dream big to win big.