1. What exactly is Pepper Spray?
    Pepper spray is an easy-to-use spray can like any normal deodorant. It contains Capsaicin which is an extract of Red Chili, however it is roughly 20 times stronger than the normal chili powder you have in your kitchen. Contact with the skin is very painful so it’s definitely not to be confused with your daily anti-perspirant …

  2. What happens when I use it?
    The chili penetrates the skins pores and creates a strong burning sensation. If you get it into your attackers eyes even better – the eyes will sting so much they will be temporarily blinded. The effect is immediate, so the second you spray your attacker they will be in pain.

  3. How long does this pain last?
    The severe burning sensation lasts roughly 30-45 minutes, however it takes 2-3 hours for the effects to wear off completely.

  4. Are there any permanent effects?
    No. Once 2-3 hours have passed so will the stinging.

  5. Is this a weapon? If so, do I need a License?
    Under ‘The Arms Act’ (1959), this is indeed classified as a weapon, however in India it is perfectly legal to use in self defense. A license is required only for Fire Arms (those containing explosive ingredients such as gun powder), which Pepper Spray does not.

  6. How do I use it?
    If you use deodorant then you already have all the required skills needed. The spray has been designed for use in an ‘attack’ situation, so it’s very simple. Simply draw it from your handbag (better yet whenever you are out alone keep it in your hand instead of your phone) and SPRAY! Put your arm out straight, hold the nozzle down firmly, and direct it towards your attackers face. If you can get the eyes – bullseye.

    If you don’t use deodorant, then we need to have a little chat about your hygiene. You probably smell but your friends are too polite to tell you. Just kidding. Actually no we’re not…

  7. How long do I need to spray for?
    Usually a half second-long burst is enough, however if your attacker has been drinking or taking drugs then their pain resistance is higher, so hold the nozzle down until you see they are in pain.

  8. How long does one can last?
    According to the manufacturers, if sprayed continuously it will last about 15 seconds. But as mentioned above, usually only a half- second spray is needed.

  9. What is the range?
    Cobra spray can reach your attacker from up to 8 ft away. Bodyguard sprays is 7 ft.

  10. What if I accidentally spray it on myself?
    Panic! Only joking. Do NOT panic. Remember the effects are not permanent and the stinging will calm down soon. The best thing to do is keep washing yourself with soap and water to get the chili off your skin. Unfortunately water alone won’t help.

    Avoid touching or rubbing the area as it can easily spread to other parts of the body. If you get the spray in your eyes, blink to get the eyes to tear up, hopefully washing some out.

  11. If I run out of chili while I’m cooking dinner can I use pepper spray?
    NO. In the name of all that is holy please don’t. We would rather not be held responsible for your culinary experiments. Thank you very much.

  12. What is a rape alarm?
    A rape alarm is a small device with a cord at the top, when the cord is pulled a loud siren ranging between 120 - 130 Decibels rings out. The noise should be enough to shock and disorientate your attacker – giving you a few extra seconds to run. It will also draw attention to people near-by that you are in trouble.

  13. How do I set it off?
    A sharp tug of the cord sets of the alarm. The alarm is easy to trigger – but not too easy…the last thing we need is thousands of girls setting them off accidently while they grope around in the bottom of their handbags trying to find it!

  14. How should I use it?
    The alarm comes with a key-ring attachment, so we suggest attaching it to your keys so you never leave home without it. Get into the habit of keeping your keys in an easy-to-find place in your handbag, like a pocket.

  15. …so if I am attacked?
    Action plan! We feel the best method to adopt if attacked is to pepper the attacker first (we advise ALWAYS walking with the spray in your hand if you are walking alone at night), then as you run off grab the keys and trigger the alarm. With the double whammy of a stinging face and a deafening siren, your attacker is unlikely to stumble after you.

    If you do not have the spray handy, you will most likely be able to grab at your keys first, so raise the alarm (hopefully startling them and allowing you to run off). If they make chase, be ready with the spray.